BMH Group Food Donation Drive 2023

Jul 08, 2023
British and Malayan Trustees Limited.

BMH Group Staff’s First CSR charity event: Food Drive

“Food insecurity: is the state of being unable to afford a sufficient quantity of affordable or nutritious food.”


Food is a basic human right. In a first-world country like Singapore, no one should be deprived of the ability to feed themselves. Low-income households and vulnerable populations are particularly affected by rising food prices.


British & Malayan Holdings Limited group employees have decided to come together in our first-ever heartwarming display of corporate philanthropy by organizing a company-wide food donation drive “to ease the community with less hunger”.


BMH Food donation drive poster


During the month of June 2023, employees of BMH Group contributed their time, resources, and efforts to ensure the success of the drive.


We contacted “Food from the Heart”, a non-profit, IPC-status organization that feeds the needy in Singapore. The beneficiaries are low-income families and vulnerable individuals, whose household incomes are below $690 a month.


Through the collective efforts of our employees and their family and friends, we managed to raise a substantial amount of Halal food items worth more than $3,636. The donations are non-perishable goods such as rice, vermicelli, oats, biscuits, beverages, and canned food. British and Malayan Holdings Limited’s successful food donation drive is a shining example of how a financial institution can extend its reach beyond financial services and positively impact society.


Employees of BMH Group; are united by a vision and driven by compassion. We are all proud of the success of the food donation drive.


By incorporating employee volunteerism and community outreach into our corporate culture, we can consistently make a positive impact and reinforce our position as a socially responsible organization. We are very grateful to all the employees who supported this meaningful event! A big thank you AND IT’S A WRAP!


All smiles; employees of BMH Group together with volunteers from “Food from the Heart”.


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